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Company Capabilities

STADCO handles complete manufacturing needs - from design to fabrication - all in one state-of-the-art facility. Services include:


  • coordination of initial design concepts

  • concurrent engineering

  • specialized procedures and processes

  • materials and process research

  • N/C programming requirements

  • fabrication and machining

  • final assembly

  • quality assurance planning

  • stretch form dies

  • assembly jigs


Exotic Metals Manufacturing

STADCO is accomplished at machining large, complex titanium components. Recent projects include the Lockheed Martin X-33 prototype replacement of the Space Shuttle and large structural components for the Department of Defense F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program.

Few firms have the experience to machine titanium, and fewer still have the expertise and equipment to precision machine large components. However, military aircraft increasingly rely on strong, light titanium structural components. Our challenge with the F-22 forward boom was to precision machine a thin-walled welded titanium structure on all surfaces prior to assembly into the aircraft. We designed and built extensive, cost-effective tooling and machined parts that were delivered on time.


Development/Low Rate Manufacturing

STADCO will take a program from engineering, design and build tooling through machining, complex electro, mechanical assembly, hardware installation and outside processes to deliver a turnkey component. We have proven our superior development/low rate manufacturing capabilities on such programs as:

  • Sikorsky CH-53 transmission housing

  • Boeing 777 V-blade and 737 vertical stabilizer ribs

  • Raytheon Phalanx and RAM naval gun mounts

  • Sea Launch interface skirts


Launch Vehicle Components

STADCO is among the few firms worldwide capable of precision machining large, round, curved, cylindrical and convex launch vehicle components such as structural members, casings, nose cones and motor cooling jackets. We have been the sole source supplier for the machining and refurbishing of NASA's Space Shuttle solid fuel rocket booster casings since the O-ring redesign. We have also completed contracts involving critical components of the Trident II C-4 and D-5 ICBM programs, the Delta III and IV rockets, the Titan rocket and NASA's Pegasus.


The Engineering Group

STADCO understands today's necessities -- unquestionable quality, on time, (often rapid) delivery and proven cost-effectiveness. We take a comprehensive approach to serving our customers, using ISO processes and the latest technologies to integrate every aspect of our enterprise.


Our Engineering Group is capable of:


  • paperless manufacturing and inspection to save costly labor time

  • expert reverse engineering capabilities that can develop    tooling or models from undocumented parts

  • receiving customer data via the Internet, modem or magnetic media


STADCO's Engineering Group is the engine for our advancement and industry leadership in the areas of design, fabrication, and engineering support. The Engineering Group is comprised of four distinct areas:


  • Manufacturing Engineering

  • Design / Tool Design

  • Numerical Control (NC) Programming

  • Program Management / Estimating


To provide leadership in engineering technology, STADCO continually invests in the latest high-tech software and hardware. We are determined to respond with the highest quality, greatest speed and lowest costs.

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