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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Our Approach to Engineering and Design


Engineering is a core competency at STADCO. We provide: 


  • progressive manufacturing programs
  • tooling design
  • manufacturing engineering    

  • NC programming

  • program management capabilities


Our state-of-the-art computing center receives and delivers reliable and accurate support to our numerical control engineering personnel, which allows us to produce a wide spectrum of projects.


We understand the use of CAD/CAM to meet customer-specific requirements. STADCO acquires, maintains, and protects your data and our engineering information confidentially and securely. Our program management capabilities are unrivaled in the industry.

Our objective is to support every customer from conceptualization to implementation and to offer all the necessary functions to meet or exceed their needs. Our partnership doesn't end when the job is done; it's only the beginning of a long and successful relationship. We offer a variety of engineering platforms including:




  • PRO E

  • Model Based Definition



STADCO is the world leader in building Invar tools, from simple to highly technical design and build projects. We construct large world-class tooling using an integrated system of advanced manufacturing technologies and procedures. Our capabilities include:


  • assembly fixtures & tools

  • aster gauges

  • bond jigs

  • composite molds

  • cure/co-cure tooling

  • design or build-to-print

  • drill jigs

  • drop hammer dies

  • fiber placement mandrels

  • hot forming dies

  • Invar, steel & aluminum for composite   part manufacturers

  • layup molds

  • monolithic graphite molds

  • resin transfer molds (RTM)

  • SPF/hot form dies

  • specialized turnkey tooling systems

  • thermoset plastics injection molds

  • trim tools

  • universal holding fixtures

  • work platforms & scaffoldin

  • Fiber placement mandrels

  • Work platforms & scaffolding

  • Universal holding fixtures

  • Assembly fixtures

  • Master gauges

  • Monolithic graphite molds

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